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GoZero Mobility

Gozero Mobility launches –Skellig Lite for City rides priced at 19,999

Skellig Lite– The cycle gives range of up to 25km on a single charge. Once you run out of charge, you

can ride it like you would a regular cycle – pedal.

New Delhi, 22nd July 2021: As e-bikes have exploded into popularity, GoZero has taken
the game against its peers a notch higher with its economically priced model, the Skellig
Lite, making it an ideal choice for any e-bike lover, especially with the beginners.
Priced at only Rs. 19,999/-, the Skellig Lite maintains a perfect balance between product
and price. Its unique aesthetic, packaged in a pocket-friendly price point, has made it a
hit on the Indian roads. The Lite is designed in a way that they are best suited for city
rides and beyond.
It has a range of 25 km (at the medium level of pedal-assist), with a maximum speed of
25 kmph. The bike is powered by a detachable EnerDrive 210 Wh lithium battery pack and
a 250 W rear hub-drive motor, and is controlled by the GoZero Drive Control 2.0 LED
display unit allowing the rider to choose between three pedal-assist modes. The battery
takes just over 2.5 hrs to recharge. Despite the economical pricing, the build quality has
not been compromised with. The Lite includes an alloy stem handle, with 26×1.95 tyres,
specialized V-brakes and a rigid front fork.
Reluctance to use public transport and shared mobility due to Covid, along with the
practice of social distancing has resulted a surge in the sales of e-bikes around the world,
over the last year.
With the launch of the Skellig Lite, GoZero has taken its first step into its Switch Campaign
– one kick-started with the objective to drive the major chunk of Indian city-dwellers to
‘switch’ to from their current mode of transport to e-bikes. Pollution, obesity and high
stress, among numerous other ailments, have become an inevitable parasite on the lives
of the urban population. As observed and studied across the world, e-bikes have proven
to have massive impacts on the health and well-being of the riders, and coupled with the
Skellig Lite being significantly light on the pocket, GoZero is paving the way to show that
a transformation to e-bikes is the right and most effective way forward for our people.
Talking about the popularity of the Skellig Lite, GoZero CEO Ankit Kumar said, “With the
onset of the pandemic and the second wave, people have begun taking Covid restrictions
and their own health much more seriously than ever before. E-bikes strike the right cord
in offering an economic means of private urban transport that provides daily fitness and
safety from Covid-related risks. The introductory pricing of the Skellig Lite, makes it easy
for beginners to take up this new mode and to integrate with their lifestyle. In fact, all our
three variants of the Skellig – Skellig, Skellig Lite and Skellig Pro are well received by the
Indian market with sales picking up on a month-on-month basis, each catering to their
target segment with their respective USPs.”
The Skellig series models are available for sale at GoZero website
( and several offline and online stores as well. The Skellig Lite can
be pre-booked by an advance payment of Rs. 2999.
For More Information Contact– Divya Bharti @9821778005

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