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GoZero Mobility Skellig Series E-Bikes Introduced

Source: Bike India

GoZero Mobility Skellig series have been introduced in the country, adding to their range of premium performance e-bikes. The British manufacturer of electric cycles launched a line of commuter segment e-bikes and even performance wear in India.

The new Skellig series will be made available in three variants – Skellig, Skellig Lite, and Skellig Pro. The Skellig Lite is the most reasonable e-bike by GoZero at Rs 19,999 offering a range of 25 kilometres from a 250 W drive motor. The Skellig and Skellig Pro are priced at Rs 24,999 and Rs 34,999 respectively, with the Pro variants getting a massive upgrade of range. In addition, GoZero Mobility have also launched their clothing range which starts at Rs 899. Customers may order either the Skellig series or products come mid November via GoZero’s online website or even on Amazon. Deliveries start end November.

GoZero have already been selling two models, GoZero One and GoZero Mile, which have been selling well the company says. Due to this demand, GoZero Mobility have decided to further enlarge their range with new models aimed at increasing their accessibility to the daily commuting customer. These bikes are marketed to be built for performance and have been designed in England and manufactured on desi soil. GoZero Mobility’s current models are priced at Rs 30,999 for the GoZero One and Rs 27,999 for the GoZero Mile.

GoZero Mobility’s CEO, Ankit Kumar, said, “The upcoming models are built for performance and daily commute. Designed in Great Britain and manufactured in India, our e-bike is a perfect combination of Indo-British craftsmanship. With the new models, we are aiming to offer an all-new product experience to the riders; After a year of hard work, GoZero has innovatively combined all functionalities and yet has been able to strike the perfect product price balance. There’s a lot in the store for the consumers which will be revealed soon. India, being one of the world’s largest markets for bicycles, would find it easy to get more people across all communities to adopt e-bikes in their daily life thanks to the GoZero’s optimum product placement of the upcoming line-up. Furthermore, having our brand awareness becoming entrenched in the market as the current existing fleet has done extremely well, we anticipate a demand increase of 150% for the upcoming models in this festive season. Considering our presence in both retail outlets and e-commerce platforms, we believe our expectations to be met.”

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